Finished renovating?
Or just bought a new TV?

Do you want to hang your TV? Want the cable free look? Need to connect all your equipment to your TV?

We’re here to help! We have the skills & experience to hang your TV!

Hang My TV is a division of Connected Living Pty Ltd, a leading provider for over fifteen years of home automation, home theatre, audio visual and security for homes and commercial projects

So, sit back and relax - allow our professional team to remove the hassle and hang your TV with ease


Sasha Apel

Sasha Apel began his career working in the television industry on a unique Cadetship in Production Management.  After working in television and broadcast for over fifteen years, he was well respected within the industry.  

Over this time, Sasha gained a passion for home technology. He wanted to provide a service for integrating various forms of technology and simplifying it for the home user. For over the past fifteen years as the Director and Business Development Manager of Connected Living Pty Ltd, Sasha ensures that he is at the forefront of technology and design.  He has a wealth of experience in working with some of Australia's leading architects, developers and interior designers.

And now, he brings the affordable 'home theatre experience' to you with Hang My TV.